Typical Discounts

Get Emails

When you visit the Exposures Online homepage, a box will pop up inviting you to sign up for their newsletter. You can also sign up by entering your email address at the bottom of the homepage. After you register, a coupon code will be sent to your inbox. You will continue receiving coupons from time to time, as well as information about special offers and discounts.

Browse Sale Items

Browse the sale section to find products that are marked down as much as 80%. Sale prices vary by category and item. Outside of the holiday season, you can find holiday items at greatly reduced prices.

Creative Deal Hunting

Connect on Social Media

Stay on top of current sales and promotions by following Exposures Online on Twitter and liking them on Facebook. The company advertises its clearance sales, free shipping deals and new products. You will also get photography tips and photo ideas.

How Experts Save Even More

Know When to Shop

During the winter clearance sale, which usually takes place in January and February, you can find discounts up to 85% off everyday prices. Exposures Online advertises this sale on its website and social media pages. Also, look for big deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. During these dates, the company adds new items to its clearance, offers 25% off holiday items and free shipping on any online order.