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For years, there was a Blockbuster on practically every corner, the neighborhood destination for movie rentals. The Blockbuster storefronts are now gone, because today’s technology has made VCR and DVD rentals obsolete; but Blockbuster has grown, expanded and is still in the game with Blockbuster on Demand, available at its website, With Blockbuster on Demand, you receive access to thousands of hit movies, instantly available to watch on your TV, tablet, computer or smart phone, featuring stunning HD quality video with full 5.1 surround sound. Unlike other on-demand subscription services, at Blockbuster on Demand there are is no subscription required and there will never be a late fee incurred. Their catalog includes thousands of old favorites, plus new releases added daily. Simply create a free account and download the app from the website and you’re ready to enjoy a Blockbuster night. All you have to supply is the popcorn.