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The trekking stick. An adjustable cane. The self-standing cane. If you take anything away from this list, it’s this: The variety of canes on the market matches the variety of their uses. And the place to go to find a variety of canes is Walking-Canes.net. This company stocks canes in a number of styles, colors, and materials. With some of the carved handles like the Harvey the White Rabbit cane, these canes take on the appearance of fine sculpted art, reflecting their users’ sense of style and humor. The same can be said about the painted styles that include whimsical bicycles or beautiful tea party handles featuring florals and grapes. But the canes also fulfill a real need. Canes and walking sticks make walking easier for some and provide extra support for others. Walking-Canes.net carries traditional styles, canes for the tall in stature, crutches, canes for the blind and folding canes. A variety of canes for a variety of needs -- That’s Walking-Canes.net.