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Checking email on the go, texting friends, catching up with family on the weekends -- using your mobile phone can be a lot of fun. What’s not so fun is getting that monthly cell phone bill. Virgin Mobile is here to help with plans that are flexible and affordable. Since 2002 Virgin Mobile has been offering no-contract cell phone plans so you can choose the plan that works for you without getting stuck in a long contract. As one of Sprint’s prepaid brands, Virgin Mobile operates on the national Sprint network, so you have coverage you can count on wherever your travels may take you. Want to send a text to a landline? How about reading your voicemails as text messages? With the extras available through Virgin Mobile you can do all that and more. And when it comes to phones, Virgin Mobile offers you a wide range from basic cell phones to the latest smartphones. And with plans starting at just $20 a month, Virgin Mobile has a wireless plan to meet every budget. So when you're looking for a wireless plan that offers you flexibility and affordability, look no further than Virgin Mobile.