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Vintage From Paul specializes in making antique and collectible chinaware available at discounted prices. When you shop at, you’ll find Depression era glass and discontinued products from top manufacturers.

Lenox, Mikaska and Pfaltzgraff are three of the leading manufacturers you’ll find when you stroll through the online shop. The company does more than simply offer affordable fine china to the public. Vintage from Paul also includes the history of the china with store purchases when the staff is able to find enough information on the pieces. When you shop online you’ll also have access to a free pattern identification guide for the crystal and porcelain pieces carried, as well as caring service to help you find the items you’re looking for.

Shopping online at Vintage from Paul means that your personal information won’t be shared with any outside parties. You’ll also find comfort in knowing that the company’s website offers top security measures so your personal information won’t be stolen.