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Photo editing counts as integral skills for today's visual artist, media professional, and photographer. And no company offers these professionals an easier, cleaner way to correct images or add backgrounds than Vertus's Fluid Mask 3. This software provides state-of-the-art visual image segmentation plus blending and masking capabilities that allow artists to work more accurately and in less time. This in turn creates more time to go out and get clients and more time to create new works. The Fluid Mask 3 software stands alone or works with Adobe Photoshop CS6, giving visual artists even more photo-editing options. And although Vertus is known for its Fluid Mask 3 software, the company carries a suite of photo editing software. Bling It is designed specifically to increase web sales by helping business owners and visual media professionals create eye-catching images for their websites and social media. And the Play With Pictures software makes creating photo collages easy and fun. After all, for visual media professionals, photo editing is just part of the job. But no rule exists that says it has to be difficult.