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Mainstream music gets all of the press and attention, but it’s the underground movement that houses a bulk of the true talent. This is especially true within the hip-hop industry where many of the genre’s brightest stars are miles away from the popular music circuit. If indie hip-hop is your thing, then Underground Hip Hop is the place for you. Underground Hip Hop is an online destination for all things underground within the hip-hop arena. Obviously you can find a wide array of music here, but also clothing, books, magazines, DVDs, Blu-Rays, graffiti/art supplies, hats and various hip-hop collector’s items. Underground Hip Hop also functions as a daily blog that gives customers underground news, release dates and pre-order information on future releases. The best way to stay in the loop regarding all things Underground Hip Hop, is to sign-up for the email newsletter for merchandise updates, sales alerts and more.