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The growl of an unknown beast in WOW. The rev of the engine in the rebooted version of Need for Speed. The voice of a droid on the latest Star Wars game. For hardcore XBox and PlayStation gamers, nothing beats quality sound to make it feel like you're right there. In the game. Up close and personal. And if that's what you're going for, there's no name in the industry quite as recognized as Turtle Beach. When it comes to audio peripherals for mobile devices, computers, and video game consoles, gamers will find what they're looking for and then some! Turtle Beach carries headsets for gaming consoles, PC gaming, tournament play, and limited edition sets for brands like Marvel and Star Wars. Turtle Beach headsets include elements like audio presets, chat, and surround sound. With all these cool features, gamers and other hardcore audio technology users will hear the call of the wild long before the beast that makes it hits their gaming screens.