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When a lady thinks Tianello, she thinks comfort and style. All made in the USA. Tianello says its clothing has that “soft as butter” feel. The retailer is known for its easy-care Tencel clothing line. But Tianello also sells washed silks and luxurious knits that feel good on the skin. Ladies of all sizes can enjoy shopping here, from x-small to X3. Find styles like the Lou Ann tunic and the ballet scoop neck tee. Flowing cropped pants or tight knit leggings. Dresses and skirts for 9-5 or party time. And, men can get into the Tianello action too. With Tencel shirts in cool aquas or blues. Even Tahiti theme for Hawaiian Shirt Day in the office! If that itchy shirt has you scratching your head, make your way to Tianello – for softness instead.