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It’s the stuff that sepia-toned photographs are made of. Bolo ties. Cowboy holsters. Duster coats. Leather travelbags. But when you shop The Old West Gallery, these classic old-West identifiers don’t just stay in old photos. They come to life and count as standard issue items in The Old West Gallery line. The gallery carries clothing items like cowboy hats, hatbands, western belts, ponchos, and blankets. It also stocks Native American items, gun replicas and spurs and straps. But The Old West Gallery is more than just a place to find classic western wear. The company stocks a large supply of Western-themed art, created by artists like David R. Stoecklein, Frederic Remington, and Robert Dawson. Items such as these speak of the passion and nostalgia felt by those who love the look of the Old West. In other words, they appeal to art-lovers just like you. The Old West Gallery. It’s the place you go when you want to bring the spirit of sepia-toned western photos to life.