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At The Joy of Socks, workers know that what we wear helps to define us. You are unique right down to the socks you wear, and The Joy of Socks wants you to appreciate that. That's why at The Joy of Socks you'll find interesting patterns and styles that are tough to find at other stores. They work hard to create patterns that are sure to please anyone. "Uh, hello?" you might be asking. "What about those of us who prefer to stick with what we know. The white socks?" At The Joy of Socks, they know it's okay to be plain once in a while, too. They have made it their personal mission to supply socks to fit absolutely everyone's needs. So whether you're feeling funky, or like you've got to impress the bigwigs at your next work meeting, The Joy of Socks has got you covered. At least your feet will be covered, anyway.