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Stuffed Ark is dedicated to celebrating all creatures, great and small. This family business, launched in 2001, has grown to become a leading online resource for lifelike plush animals of all kinds. Where can you find a stuffed llama, moth or badger? Only at the Stuffed Ark, where two by two, these of premium-quality stuffed animals boarded the site, and are now looking for a permanent place to live in your home and heart. Take some time to browse all the hundreds of different species here, including farm animals, jungle cats, sea creatures, insects, reptiles, zoo animals, birds, bunnies, wildlife, monkeys, marine mammals and more. If you suffer from allergies, a stuffed dog or cat may be the solution to your companionship needs, and there are as many different breeds here as in your local pet store. These unbelievably realistic critters are sure to capture your heart.