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If you haven’t heard of the guy behind Steve Spangler Science surely you’ve seen his work. The video of the Mentos and Diet Coke geyser that went viral in 2005. That’s him! Mr. Spangler is the founder and owner of Steve Spangler Science. He and his team have developed over 140 science products and toys sold on Have fun learning about electricity and energy, force and motion, rocks and minerals. Understand the sun’s ultraviolet light with UV color changing beads -- these little beauties are white indoors, but take them outside and voila! they change into blue, purple, yellow, and orange. Or check out how energy flows with the Energy Stick. It lights up when there’s an electric current. You hold one end, your friend another, and watch the stick sparkle! The retailer also has a bevy of free resources on the site, like recipes for science experiments. In minutes, you can be in the kitchen stacking liquids or making foam! Steve Spangler Science certainly gives new meaning to that old phrase “learning can be fun!”