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Kids - you've got to love them, but they sure can be destructive. That's why parents love the virtually indestructible toys and furnishings made by Step2. Step2 makes the best toys for both indoor and outdoor play, and all out of a durable touch plastic that will hold up and last, no matter how much your children use and abuse it. For indoor pretend play, shop for child-sized kitchens, workshops, doll nurseries, beauty salons, shopping carts, art desks, easels and more. For outdoor fun, Step2 makes everything from wagons to playhouses in a variety of fun styles, as well as many different types of outdoor slides, climbers, swing sets, sporting equipment, sand and water play tables, sandboxes, pools and more. You can also deck out your child's room with molded beds, toyboxes, storage cabinets, and table and chair sets. The large, heavy pieces are sturdy, strong and safe for kids.