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As with most things, the more popular a specific segment of something is, the more likely it is that similar things get overlooked and unappreciated. Such is the case with instruments, since there is a host of underrated instruments that are absolutely beautiful but have never entered the mainstream. One such instrument is the ocarina, but thanks to the online shop Songbird Ocarina, fans and enthusiasts alike can now indulge in their favorite pastime. Songbird Ocarina not only sells a variety of beautiful ocarinas, but other related items including: songbooks, ocarina music stands, instrument holsters and carrying cases. By subscribing to the Songbird Ocarina monthly newsletter, customers will receive exclusive discount codes, peeks at new products, and inspiration to stoke your ocarina enthusiasm. There are also gift cards available for purchase that are sure to please the ocarina enthusiast in your life, as well as a monthly podcast worthy of a listen.