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In 2001, a pharmacist and a plastic surgeon (it sounds like the beginning of a cliched joke, doesn't it) got tired of watching their patients fork over thousands of extra dollars on needed skin care products. So they decided to cut out the middle man, or more specifically, to become the middle man, and offer customers discounted pricing on the same products they were previously forced to buy at doctors' offices and luxury spas at exorbitantly high prices. SkinMedix offers under-eye serums and creams, lotions for toning and firming various extremities, sun protection (to help prevent the need for the other items in the first place) and mascara and eyelash serum to draw attention to eyes that are no longer creased and puffy. SkinMedix also has a line of organic skin care for those who care about the appearance of the planet as much as they care about the appearance of their skin. Customers can also indulge in spa-care-at-home with the use of tools like the NuFace Trinity Pro Facial Trainer Kit and Micro Needle Roller (just saying the name probably causes wrinkles to vanish). SkinMedix provides products direct from manufacturers and guarantees the authenticity of everything they sell, so customers have nothing to lose but their wrinkles.