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Children walking into a toy store all have a certain look. Their eyes grow wide, their breathing quickens, and they instantly begin shrieking with joy (and demands), the moment the first toy meets their gaze. Adults shopping at Sharper Image have the same reaction. That's because Sharper Image is truly an electronic-themed toy store for grownups. Unlike kitschy gadget stores, Sharper Image offers items that range from the useful and practical (noise cancelling bluetooth headphones and 7-in-1 Emergency Auto Tool) to the "wow that sure would come in handy" (assorted massage chairs and Bluetooth Shower Speaker), and even the "customers will absolutely find a use for it after they buy it" (Selfie Toaster and Heated Lotion Dispenser - okay so there's a little kitsch involved). Sharper Image came into being in 1977 when founder Richard Thalheimer hit the jackpot selling high-tech stopwatches. After facing some financial trouble in the 1990's, the company has come back stronger than ever and is introducing a whole new generation to the joys of ionic air purifiers, massage chairs and MiPosaur Robots.