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Anonymous 53 months ago (1/05/2014)

Not a valid coupon code.

Deborah newby 59 months ago (7/07/2013)

Great deal on Sahara SAMs

Anonymous 65 months ago (1/01/2013)

Hi ;) I'm looking for birthday party coupons! Thanks

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New Jersey's favorite indoor and outdoor water park destination is Sahara Sam's, located in West Berlin. With over 58,000 square feet of aquatic and arcade activities, there's always something new to explore at Sahara Sam's. Ride the waves at Rip N' Roll, slide with the family on Mount Kilimanjaro, or check out the construction themed park known as Diggerland. Need a break from slipping and sliding? Reserve an indoor or outdoor cabana, sip some tasty drinks at Sam's Lounge, or relax in the Warming Tub. There's something for everyone to enjoy in and out of the water, all year long at Sahara Sam's.