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The thought of losing your child in the crowd is enough to put even the most level-headed person into a frenzy of panic. The world can sometimes be unpredictable and scary, but the best we can do is move forward, prepared. If you're looking to be prepared with your family, try Safety Tat, a customizable temporary tattoo for your child to wear that displays important identification information. Your children may be too young to recognize your phone number or address, which is why Safety Tat keeps all of that information in one place -- a child-friendly temporary tattoo that your kid will love to show off. If your child happens to get separated from you, at least you know that the information that helpful adults might need is available. Safety Tat also produces medical tattoos as well, alerting any potential stranger of a medical issue they might need to be aware of. Don't think you need the safety information? Safety Tat also provides a number of temporary tattoos such as "kisses from mommy" or "kisses from daddy" that let your child know you are thinking of him or her when they aren't with you. Safety Tat will help to ease your little one's fears during those first moments away from you, and give you peace of mind that your child has the information they need to make a safe return if they get lost.