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Rejuvenation, the specialty home parts store, got its start before it got its start. Sounds funny, but it's true -- the origins of this specialty business began when its owner, Jim Kelly, bought a historic old saloon. Soon enough, he figured out that he couldn't find the light fixtures and other parts he needed to finish the renovations. So he started what became Rejuvenation, a company that specialized in architectural salvage. It was a place where other like-minded renovators could find the sometimes-antique, almost always-rare clawfoot tubs, windows, light fixtures, and doors they needed to finish their projects. But when the demand outpaced the supply, Kelly decided to manufacture replicas of the hard-to-find Victorian and early-20th-century wall brackets and ceiling fixtures people needed. Eventually, this venture proved so successful that Williams-Sonoma adopted the company, and Rejuvenation became a part of this exceptional brand. Nowadays, Rejuvenation, the company that started before it started, sells a variety of products, including home decor and furniture.