1. Choose the Membership Plan with the Greatest Savings

Priority Pass offers three membership plans. The Standard membership plan has a cost of $27 per lounge visit. The Standard Plus membership offers 10 free lounge visits and then the remainder of the visits are $27. With a Prestige membership, all lounge visits are free. Customers who are World MasterCard holders are eligible to receive 25% off of annual membership fees.

2. Receive a Referral

If a friend refers you to Priority Pass, you can save 10% off of the annual membership fee. If you are a member of Priority Pass and you refer a friend that decides to sign up, you will receive a free guest visit.

3. Take Advantage of Additional Priority Pass Benefits

Being a Priority Pass member may also allow you to receive additional discounts on rental cars and hotel accommodations. Some Priority Pass members who acquired their membership through a bank or credit card company may not be eligible for these benefits. Customers can utilize these hotel and rental car benefits by going to the Community section of the website, and clicking over to the Travel Shop. Members can also sign up to receive the Priority Pass monthly ezine to find out about additional savings offers.