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Outlet stores. You gotta love 'em. And if you're a car buff, Prime Choice Auto Parts is your very own auto parts outlet store. But these aren't substandard parts. Prime Choice makes it its business to give you quality auto parts AND quality service without compromising either one. This auto parts company can do that, because it purchases directly from the manufacturer. And each and every one of the auto parts that ships from Prime Choice Auto Parts is inspected before it ever leaves the company warehouse. That's every wheel bearing, brake drum, axle shaft, and strut. You know each piece is going to be safe, effective, quality with attention to details like that. And if these quality parts at excellent prices weren't enough, Prime Choice Auto Parts does you one better. It includes free shipping on most orders. And all orders are packed up and shipped out the same day. Prime Choice Auto Parts is the next best thing you'll get to having your very own auto outlet store right in your garage.