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POSPaper.com had just one goal when it got its start in Jacksonville, Florida in the year 2002. You need POS paper and ribbons. POSPaper.com has them and all in one single convenient place. In other words, POSPaper.com makes shopping for these business necessities simple for you. While you need to think about replacing these items when your cash register ribbon runs out, you usually think about replacing it right at that moment. Not before. Granted, you may have some backup, but if you don't, the POSPaper.com website is easy to shop and an easy name to remember when you need to order again. But the company doesn't just carry POS paper and ribbons -- it's the place to go for restaurant supplies like disposable cups, cutting boards, and other supplies. Because usually when you have one of these -- the cash register -- you have the other -- a restaurant, a shop, a business. Whatever. POSPaper.com truly is the place to shop for your business necessities, whether they be for the POS paper for your register or the crayons you'll give kids with their kids' menu.