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Visit the Pool Center online and a happy fish with a snorkel greets you right away. But don’t let the funny fish cartoon fool you: this retailer is serious about pools. It sells top-of-the-line filters, cleaners, chemicals and heaters, as well as all sorts of pool parts. And fun products pepper its site: slides, diving boards. noodles and comfy lounge floats. In-water games like pool ping-pong and basketball. For those cooler nights, fire pits and hot tubs. And, if a pool project has you stumped, just visit the retailer's handy Pool Information Center for guidance. Its PoolTube has a bevy of instructional videos like how to install an above-ground pool or simply replace a pool pump seal. Watch funny pool videos, like when one family rolled their 250-pound pumpkin into their pool just to see if it would float! (By the way, it did!) You can also check out PoolInfo – a virtual library of articles the Pool Center has compiled since 1996, with information on pool safety, chemistry, repair and plumbing. Still not finding what you want? Chat with pool owners and techs on PoolTalk, the retailer’s online forum with over 20,000 informative posts. The Pool Center makes your pool what it should be: easy and fun!