1. Free Shipping Offers

Make shopping at Nicole Miller even better by taking advantage of the free shipping deals that are offered to ensure you save even more. Orders placed in the United States are shipped free via UPS ground. Nicole Miller aims to ship orders within 24 hours of order placement and for customers to receive their order within 4-5 business days.

2. VIP Points Program

The VIP Points Program is a pretty sweet way to not only save money, but also get access to company exclusives. If you sign-up you automatically get 200 VIP Points ($20), spend a dollar and get 1 VIP Point (10 points = $1) and if you refer a friend you get 500 VIP Points ($50.)

3. Semi-Annual Sale

At Nicole Miller, there are two distinct semi-annual sales, one during January and the other during June. By checking the company Facebook page you can get an exclusive 20% off VIP coupon code to save during these sales.