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What if your favorite magazine could just find you? If you subscribe to Next Issue, it can. The digital app brings together the convenience of app technology with some of the most popular magazines on the market. The venture includes some leading publishers, Hearst, News Corp., Conde Nast, Meredith, Time Inc., and Rogers Communications. And magazines like “Vogue,” “Vanity Fair,” “Glamour,” “Popular Mechanics,” “Fortune,” “GQ,” and others. You can read the issues on Android, iPad, and iPhone as well as on Windows 8 and tablets. And these aren’t just your run-of-the-mill glossy mags, nice as they are. Because of the platform, Next Issue magazine subscriptions include interactive options, bonus videos and photography, and more. Just pay one low monthly price and get access to the whole magazine library, and that includes back issues. All that great reading and no magazine clutter on your coffee table! That might even be better than your favorite magazine finding you.