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Shannon 66 months ago (11/27/2012)

Couldn't get it to link to mrpearl directly to activate coupon....disappointed

Anonymous 66 months ago (11/26/2012)

This coupon didn`t work.It said Congradulations its been activated when checking out. And it didnt give me a discount

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MrPearl11 is the epitome of the new American dream. Through the curation of quality products, along with excellent customer service, the company started as a small, home based eBay seller, and within five years became so popular they were able to start their own private company. Now you can find home goods, patio furniture, inflatable pools and pool accessories, beach umbrellas, boats and water accessories, beauty products, art supplies, pet care products, vintage posters and a host of other products that will keep your home and family comfortable at a great price. Buy from one of eBay’s most trusted sellers without having to worry about the middle man.