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There are few things better than shopping at one place for everything you need. Besides, with all of the shopping choices online these days it's easy to get overwhelmed shopping from place to place. UK retailer Marks and Spencer is the one stop shop online destination for a host of your shopping wants and needs. Marks and Spencer stocks a little bit of everything, including: women's and men's apparel, beauty products, food and wine, school uniforms, home and garden and flowers and gifts. The savings at Marks and Spencer are definitely impressive. Free shipping is available to the US for all orders over £30 and there are a host of deals that you can find on the site at any given time such as deals from the past and present, like 20% off men's suits, 20% off women's activewear, 20% off jewelry and 20% off handbags. Sign up for the email newsletter to receive latest offers, store news, sales alerts and more.