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Magnum Boots are the first name in tactical-gear boots. These sturdy boots got their start in England, then under the brand of Hi-Tec. Hi-Tec built a name for itself when it developed the first and best shoe for the game of squash. But it was a call from Quantico that changed the direction of the company for good. Turns out that the FBI need a lightweight tactical boot for training. These couldn't be just any boots. No, they needed to be athletically-built tactical boots, and they were the first boot to incorporate sports' shoe materials. The boots were like the FBI's secret-training weapon, but they didn't stay secret for very long. Over time, as the popularity of Magnum Boots spread, the company developed different kinds of boots, based upon end-user feedback and need. Magnum Boots even created its own advisory council, comprised of members of the armed forces as well as from professionals in the emergency services professions. Nowadays, Magnum Boots sells its wares under its own name, having split off from Hi-Tec in 2002, but the company's mission is the same. It's still the first name in tactical-gear boots, and the last line of defense for the foot in stressful situations.