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Shopping for a new baby counts as one of the biggest stressors for new moms. After all, how can you know which stroller works best? What bed? Which bottle sterilizer? You could ask a sales associate, but sometimes the one you talk to doesn't know much more than you do about the product you're interested in. This is exactly why Macrobaby exists -- the store specializes in all things baby and offers shoppers a different kind of shopping experience. Macrobaby carries the best brands in the baby industry like American Baby, Disney by Tara, and Happy Kidz. The company stocks cool baby products from Europe that you won't find anywhere else -- 40,000 baby products and counting! Macrobaby provides you with the variety you'd find in a big box store, but the personalization you'd get in a boutique. The store offers embroidery services. Shoppers use this service when you want to personalize the soft hood of a stroller, bibs, onesies, or other items. Macrobaby shoppers can shop at the brick-and-mortar store as well as at the online storefront. Given all that Macrobaby has to offer, deciding to shop in-store or online may be the only shopping-related stressor you'll now face.