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The Loveivy Company is THE place to go online for children's jewelry. The company carries high-quality gifts and jewelry. The prices at the Loveivy Company are competitive, the customer service excellent. The Loveivy Company carries an array of styles. Parents and other gift-givers to find just the right piece, whether it's a set of elegant diamond posts or cute bead jewelry. But jewelry as a gift often carries more significance than other pieces. After all, items like birthstones, charm bracelets, and christening earrings are often given to commemorate significant events. But even more important than that, these jewelry gifts become a part of a child's or teen's memories. In the years after a christening or a milestone birthday like Sweet 16, it'll be difficult for a child to look at a special necklace or set of earrings not think of how she got it. Jewelry becomes more than just a gift. These pieces become treasured keepsakes and heirlooms for the next generation. It's a tradition that the Loveivy Company gladly helps to carry on.