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What captures the spirit of childhood? Is it a carefree ride on a merry-go-round? Building sandcastles at the beach? A dollhouse filled with miniature tea sets? However you define childhood, petitHOOD sells clothing that fits any of these occasions and then some. petitHOOD offers much in the way of selection. It carries more than 75 brands. And it united with The Little Fashion Gallery, giving you a more child-oriented place to shop than you'll find at most other children's clothing stores. petitHOOD lets you outfit your child in style -- whether the day includes a trip to the carnival or an afternoon on the beach. petitHOOD is an Internet-based store for children that carries brands like Lucky Boy Sunday, Bobo, and Deuz. The styles are cute, quirky, and all kid in the best sense of the word. But petitHOOD offers you more than just cute designer clothes for children. It's also a webzine, filled with information about kids and their universe. You'll find news, toys, deals, and travel guides on petitHOOD. The likes of "marie claire," "JE SUIS PAPA!" and "Milk" have given petitHOOD kudos. Kudos from big names like these offer testament to petitHOOD's spirit. petitHOOD. It's the spirit of childhood.