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La Perla is a name synonymous with luxury and seduction. This Italian lingerie company fuses tradition and innovation with a remarkable knowledge of both feminine bodies and feminine minds. Founded in 1954 by corsetry artisan Ada Masotti, the name La Perla was taken from the red velvet-lined cases in which she presented her collection, as if the delicate handmade pieces were jewels themselves. In the swinging 1960s, the company became one of the first to introduce colored underwear, and unveiled its first beachwear collection. Over the past 60 years, La Perla has become the most coveted and well-known luxury undergarment line in the world. The La Perla collection now includes everything from basic shapewear and underwear to fancy bras, panties, bustiers, hosiery, slips and garters. The brand features a swimwear line, a bridal collection, women’s sleepwear and clothing and a menswear line including underwear, swimsuits, sleepwear and apparel.