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Don't be fooled by the name. iFLOOR is not the latest attempt by the famous techno-fruit company to take over the world. It is, however, the nation's first e-commerce flooring company. Floors are a rather critical component of any building. And, as opposed to the days when floors came in packed dirt or rough-hewn planks, they now come in all materials, shapes, sizes and colors. And iFLOOR has them all. At iFLOOR, floor-seeking customers can choose from hardwood flooring crafted from over one dozen types of wood, laminate flooring (a far cry from the laminate found in the kitchen and bathroom of pre-fabricated post-war homes everywhere, this laminate mimics tile, distressed metal and hand scraped wood), bamboo and oak floors for the ecologically minded, vinyl flooring, which the site assures its customers is both practical and stylish, and of course, the myriad of accessories necessary for do-it-yourselfers everywhere to try to use before giving up and calling in the professionals. Customers need not worry though, iFLOOR sells cleaners that can be used to erase the evidence left behind by the workmen and anyone else who dares trespass on the newly installed planks. Customers unsure about which floor style is best suited for their, uh, floor, can order free samples of the material they wish to use.