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The name Getty Images alone conjures up beautiful photos galore -- pictures that we see all day, every day on the internet, in newspapers and magazines. Anywhere there's a photo, it just might be a Getty. Visit and within seconds you can pull up over 100,000 beautiful photos containing an apple. Over 59,000 snapshots of horses. Almost a million photos of the sun! And the list goes on. Search for what you need or browse around by categories like sports, entertainment, news, nature, health or business. Explore history through Getty's archival photos of famous people from Harry S. Truman to Marilyn Monroe. And when you tire of images, have some fun with Getty's extensive line of music and video clips., from hip-hop and rock to classical and even sound effects. Alien, crowd and helicopter sounds you can dub into that movie you've always wanted to make. Watch clips of recent or historic events in the site's video library. See Muhammad Ali training for a fight or the first meeting of Reagan and Gorbachev at the Geneva Convention. At Getty, you can get lost in a world of images, music and clips of yesteryear, yesterday and even today.