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Whether or not they actually know how to shred a board or hang ten, all the cool kids want to look like they do, which is why they shop at Zumiez. Street style is the new high fashion, and with the latest styles for skater boys, snowboarders and surfers, Zumiez is the place to get in on this trend. Founded in the hipster capital of Seattle, Zumiez has been the place to shop for cutting-edge trends since 1978. Where do you think those 1990s grunge rockers got all their flannel shirts? Zumiez currently has stores in nearly every mall across the United States and Canada, plus an exciting website. Sign up for the Zumiez Stash to earn points redeemable for exclusive products and experiences. See something you’ve got to have before everyone else gets their hands on it? You can order online, then pick it up and pay in-store.