1. Sign Up For Emails and Save 20%
Customers who opt in to receive emails from Winter Silks will not only be among the first to hear of all the latest discounts and promotions, but will also receive a coupon for 20% off their next order.

2. Join Winter Silks VIP Plus for Savings
Winter Silks VIP Plus members always save 10% on the orders they make, and can even save on $25 gift cards from participating retailers. Other perks include savings up to $10 on shipping and return rebates and saving 5% on every purchase made through the VIP Plus Marketplace. The only downfall: it costs $1.99 for a 30 day trial and $14.97 per month after that so only loyal customers are benefitting.

3. Apply for a Winter Silks Credit Card and Save 15%
Apply for a credit card through Winter Silks and you’ll save 15% off your same day purchase. You’ll also receive a welcome reward of 25% off and free shipping to apply on a future order, a 25% coupon for your birthday, and you’ll earn a $10 reward certificate for every $150 spent.  As if it couldn’t get better, there’s no annual fee. Card benefits are subject to credit approval.