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Vivid Seats Vivid Seats lets you find top notch seating for your favorite live event.

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Coupons for Vivid Seats
Vivid Seats

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4 months ago (6.24.2014) by Allison

Offer on HP

7 months ago (3.17.2014) by Nikki

Vivid Seats Coupons

Coupons for Vivid Seats
Vivid Seats

tested on concert tickets

12 months ago (10.14.2013) by ibruth

tested on tickets to 7 events

14 months ago (8.14.2013) by ibruth

tested on 7 musical and concert event tickets

15 months ago (7.17.2013) by ibruth


Didn't work 1/18/14

9 months ago (1.19.2014)

Expired doesn't work

9 months ago (12.29.2013)


10 months ago (12.24.2013)

so much for the editors testing..... it doesn't work- expired months ago

13 months ago (9.21.2013)

expired at or before april 6

18 months ago (4.06.2013)


Expired Tickets. Almost All Of Em. This site is JANK

7 months ago (3.05.2014) by Erica Bitch!


13 months ago (9.03.2013) by CAPOOPSEY


13 months ago (9.01.2013)

says expired

15 months ago (7.22.2013) by andy g


18 months ago (4.09.2013) by bogus


Did not work, no coupon worked

5 months ago (4.26.2014) by Enter Your Name

if you call them and tell them you found this coupon it works

8 months ago (2.04.2014)

It's not working

8 months ago (1.31.2014)

didn't work

10 months ago (11.30.2013) by matt

Nothing showed up when I went to check out. No deal, no coupon, no percentage off.

12 months ago (10.10.2013)


13 months ago (9.03.2013) by CAPOOPSEY

wheres the code

13 months ago (9.01.2013)


15 months ago (7.28.2013)

same discount applied

16 months ago (6.06.2013)

same for me...opened new window for site, discount NOT applied at checkout

17 months ago (5.05.2013)

All this did is take me to the VividSeats site. No discount was added.

18 months ago (4.14.2013)


will it really be taken out an why keeps these old coupons up ?

5 months ago (4.29.2014)

didn't work for me

6 months ago (3.28.2014)

Doesn't work. VividSeats refused to honor this coupon - The rep I spoke with stated that they are not affiliated with this website, nor do they have a partnership with it, and under no circumstances would they honor this coupon.

7 months ago (2.26.2014)

how do i know its really going to be there at check out?

8 months ago (1.26.2014)

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Typical Discounts

Get the Newsletter

Create an account with Vivid Seats and never miss an event in your area. Be sure to opt into their free email newsletter, by checking the box to sign up when you initiate your account.

Vivid Values

You can save big by being a loyal Vivid Seats customer! They offer Vivid Values, designed to help keep their biggest fans entertained. When you buy tickets for seven different events, you can get a free ticket to your eighth! They also offer early bird sales, which can help you get up to 50% off when you purchase tickets to numerous games. Step into the Winner’s Circle, where you can get a $250 gift card when you attend two Championship events. If you buy tickets to four different events, you will receive a $50 gift card. If you cannot get enough of your favorite artist and you attend two concerts, you will get 5% off your next purchase. Groups of 10 or more get 10% off their ticket price.

Typical Coupons

Check out the Vivid Seats Ultimate Coupons page to find even more deals, like dollar-off specials for repeat customers, percentage-off deals when you buy more than one ticket to the same event and more.

Creative Deal Hunting

Be Socially Active

Vivid Seats is very active on their social media pages. Be sure to follow their blog, and become a fan on both Facebook and Twitter, to find out about all the most exciting live events going on nationwide. Occasionally, Vivid Seats will run giveaways on their blog. It is easy to enter, and you can gain more entries by interacting with their social media pages. Prizes are free tickets to live events. Oftentimes, winners will get to choose what event they want to attend!

How Experts Save Even More

Sell Your Tickets

Do not lose out on money because you bought tickets to an event you cannot attend. Vivid Seats will help you sell your tickets, and you can set your own price. Once you sell your tickets, ship them off to the buyer. You will get paid with PayPal seven days after the buyer confirms receipt.


Vivid Seats offers a 100% guarantee that customers will receive awesome service and have a secure transaction when making a purchase. Tickets will always arrive before the scheduled event, and will always be authentic. The tickets you receive will always be the exact tickets you ordered, or better. If an event is cancelled, you can count on a full refund from Vivid Seats.

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