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Jen 9 months ago (9/16/2015)

This did not work.

Anon 30 months ago (12/28/2013)

There is a flat $4.99 shipping fee for orders under $50. For a unique $10 off coupon code, use my referral link to register and they will email it to you. This will essentially cover the $4.99 shipping cost plus some more.


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Living a healthy lifestyle can be costly. After all, chia seeds and alfalfa sprouts don't grow on trees. Or maybe they do. But this isn't a biology lesson, it's a lesson in savings. The fact remains: buying health food and supplements can cost an arm and a leg. That's why Vitacost was founded to provide an alternative to pricey vitamin vendors and help people live healthily without breaking the bank. They sell everything from workout aids and heart health supplements to gourmet foods and pet products all, at the lowest prices on the web.