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vineyard vines sells quality clothing and ties for Men, Women, Boys, and Girls. Their inventory is filled with popular stylish choices.

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Tested on $125+.

3 months ago (10.22.2014)

Tested 7/22/14 by mk.

6 months ago (7.22.2014)

Tested at 4/24/14.

9 months ago (4.24.2014) by MK

Tested at 1/27/14.

12 months ago (1.27.2014) by Matt K

Tested on 1/4-Zip Sweater

17 months ago (8.06.2013) by danae


Tested on Fish Swirl Boxers.

4 months ago (9.24.2014) by Susan S.

Tested 7/21/14 by mk.

6 months ago (7.21.2014)

Tested at 4/21/14.

9 months ago (4.21.2014) by MK

Tested on Classic Twill Shorts

16 months ago (9.16.2013) by danae

Only 40% right now, not the 60% as stated...

19 months ago (7.04.2013) by Joshua

Tested on Long-Sleeve Fishing Team Graphic T-Shirt

20 months ago (5.14.2013) by danae

Tested on French Knot Cardigan

23 months ago (3.07.2013) by danae

vineyard vines Coupons


did not work!! very disappointing but they got my email for their records!!

1 month ago (12.16.2014)


1 month ago (12.03.2014)

Tested at 2/3/14.

11 months ago (2.03.2014) by Matt K

Does not work. BS!!!!!!

13 months ago (12.06.2013)

Did not work for me!

13 months ago (12.05.2013)

It didn't work for me

14 months ago (11.14.2013) by Lisa Martin

im trying to check out at VV and the discount won't show up

14 months ago (11.06.2013) by maryann

This coupon DID NOT work. I'm not sure who verified it....

14 months ago (11.03.2013)

Tested on email sign up

17 months ago (8.29.2013) by danae