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USA Lighters has a huge variety of lighters in a variety of styles and colors. In addition to endless style options, you can also personalize your lighters.

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TBornstein - 4/22/2014 at 1:23 pm.

9 months ago (4.22.2014)

TBornstein - 1/20/2014 at 11:53 am ET.

12 months ago (1.20.2014)

Tspear - Tested on Taste of Nectar lighter.

19 months ago (7.01.2013)

Tested on Dusted Chrome

21 months ago (4.18.2013) by Eman

USA Lighters Coupons


From USA Lighters - This coupon code is invalid and fictitious...

13 months ago (12.10.2013) by USA LIGHTERS

Does not work. Thanks alot

14 months ago (11.25.2013)

doesn't work.

19 months ago (7.01.2013)

Please remove this coupon code - it is not valid and is not a code that was released by us or for our website.

26 months ago (11.13.2012) by USA Lighters

This is not a valid coupon code - we are not sure how it got posted here, and would like to see it removed.

26 months ago (11.13.2012) by USA Lighters


29 months ago (8.25.2012)

this do not work

37 months ago (1.07.2012)