Types of Deals

Free Shipping

One of the best parts of shopping at Target.com is the free shipping for all orders over $50. This is an ongoing deal, so you’ll want to wait until your orders reach that total before you click the purchase button.

Discounts by Department

Target doesn't offer a lot of discounts. You’re most likely to find percent-off sales for items such as swimwear, patio furniture and home décor. Percentage-off deals often apply to everything in a category or become activated with a minimum purchase. Sitewide dollar-off deals generally require a minimum purchase and are applied automatically. You might not even know a promotion is going on until you glance at your cart and a find a $5 discount.

Free Gift Cards

Care more for value than savings? Not only do select items come with free accessories (like a camera bag with a camera), free gift cards ranging from $5-$50 are commonly offered as incentives with the purchase of specific products.

Printable Coupons for In-Store Savings

Target’s website is a useful tool for in-store savings because it offers printable coupons. These coupons tend to be product-specific. Some coupons have limits on how many times they can be printed/used by one household, so be sure to read before you print. If your coupon can be printed twice, feel free to be a bit of a daredevil. For beauty items, check the coupon restrictions for size limits: although most coupons exclude travel/trial size items, if they don't make a note of it, you could be in the clear to apply a $2 off coupon to a $1.50 bottle of conditioner. And if you’re an online-only shopper, don’t worry! If a printable coupon can be applied online, you'll find an eight digit code to apply at checkout.

Perpetual Discount with Target’s REDCard

Target's REDCard is a great savings tool. Apply for it. Use it. Enjoy a 5% discount and free shipping on every order. One warning: the REDCard is a debit card and will link to your checking account, so keep an eye on your balance. Not interested in a REDCard? You can still receive free shipping by spending $50 or more or shopping Daily Deals.

Creative Deal Hunting

Share Coupons on Facebook

Look into Target's Cartwheel program to share coupons on Facebook and see which deals your friends are taking advantage of. The Cartwheel Target.com page is helpful because it breaks down deals by categories such as swimwear, action figures and top offers, so you can glance at the page and see if what you're looking for happens to be discounted.

Text for Mobile Coupons

Mobile coupons are also available, but standard texting rates will apply. Text the word “HELP” to 827438 check out Target's page on text alerts available through your phone. One exciting part of mobile coupons is that they can be scanned right off your phone!

Purchase Discount Gift Cards

Discount gift cards are always floating around. If the cost of the gift card is more than 5% off (which is what you save with your REDCard), buy it first and then use it for an immediate discount on your order after you stack coupons, shop clearance, and price match.

Where to Find Deals

The best way to view all sales and promotions is to check the Offer Details/Current Promotions page on Target's website. The Offer Details is a page inclusive of every online Target sale and promo code. As the name suggests, the page provides details including expiration dates for sales.

When to Shop

Sales usually run from Sunday to Saturday. Even when a sale lasts longer than one week, it’ll end on Saturday. Try to shop on Sundays when discounts are fresh and items are still in stock. If you end up shopping on a Saturday, check promotion expiration dates or scoop up the items you want just in case the price goes up. If you change your mind, Target’s got a great return policy.

How Experts Save Even More

Stack Coupons

For some extra savings, Target allows you to use two coupons per item. How? Target accepts their own coupons on top of manufacturer coupons.

Use Price Matching

Target will price match local competitors’ print ads as well as their own weekly ad should it offer a lower price on an item you bought. Target coupons will be applied to your item before a price match is made. If the competitor's price is still lower than Target's, they'll match it. The trick here is to apply manufacturer coupons. Target applies manufacturer coupons to your purchase after the price match. All price matching must be done within a week of your purchase.

Quick note: Target will not match competitor deals that require coupons.