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First impressions are definitely important. Whether you need a designer watch to celebrate your dad's promotion or a diamond engagement ring for your soon-to-be fiancee, whatever piece you choose makes an impression. Fortunately, the jewelers at SuperJeweler.com know how to help you make the right impression, right from the start. Since 1999, Super Jeweler has offered jewelry buyers an amazing selection at incredible prices. Experienced jewelry buyers scout the globe to find you the sweetest deals on diamonds, precious gemstones, and high-fashion jewelry. These buyers look for the pieces that make an impression. And what they've done so far must be working. SuperJeweler.com has been featured on shows like the Dr. Phil show, The View, and The Price is Right. But even more than the public accolades, jewelry buyers can appreciate the Super Jeweler guarantees. The lifetime guarantee guards against defects and loss, while the 60-day, money-back guarantee insures that you can return any piece within 60 days of purchase. Regardless of the kind of impression you want to make, you know that you'll make the right one at the right price when shop at SuperJeweler.com.