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Rebecca 41 months ago (6/14/2012)

The link is broken. This coupon is non-functional.

Anonymous 41 months ago (6/13/2012)

Does not work. Page states that the URL is invalid.

Jessica H 43 months ago (5/02/2012)

I can't get it to work???? I keep trying but it just tells me that it can't find the web page?

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The professionals at School Outfitters understand that there's more to the hallowed halls of academia than just diplomas and tests. The 'invisible' resources like electronic white boards, art easels, and even desks provide the supports students and instructors can't work without. And considering that one in four people visit some kind of educational institution every day, it's fair to say that instruction already comes with enough challenges. School Outfitters equips its clients with not only reasonably priced state-of-the-art learning tools, but also with unbeatable customer service. Additional resources like informative buying guides and on-staff customer service representatives provide even more support for busy educators. It makes no difference whether they order a few boxes of crayons or multiple room partitions, educators get complete order to door service every time. In short, the professionals at School Outfitters worry about the 'invisibles' in education so that education professionals don't have to.


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