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Prestige Portraits has over 60 years of experience capturing your precious moments. Prestige Portraits is committed to you, and ensuring your special moments, and special occasions are captured just how you would want them. With the ease of viewing, sharing and ordering your photos online, Prestige Portraits will ensure you are pleased with your purchase.

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Anonymous 11 months ago (3.29.2014)

worked 3/29/14 - must copy and paste

Jenn 11 months ago (3.14.2014)

Worked for me today 3/15/2014

Anonymous 11 months ago (3.13.2014)

Code didn't work if I manually input it but it did work when I copied it from here then pasted it in. Fussy!

Anonymous 12 months ago (2.07.2014)

Didn't work for me :( I ordered 2 5x7's 02-07-2014

Enter Your Name 13 months ago (1.24.2014)

Code worked for me today - ordered pictures ala carte. 1-24-2014

Enter Your Name 13 months ago (1.24.2014)

Code worked for me today - ordered pictures ala carte. 1-24-2014

Enter Your Name 13 months ago (1.24.2014)

Code worked for me today - ordered pictures ala carte. 1-24-2014

Anonymous 15 months ago (11.25.2013)

verified Free Shipping on any order at Prestige Portraits on 11/25/2013

Anonymous 16 months ago (10.31.2013)

Worked for me! Was ordering a package.

Anonymous 16 months ago (10.20.2013)

didn't work for me

Anonymous 16 months ago (10.05.2013)

Works for order of 1 sheet of 5 x 7 prints (10/5/13)

Anonymous 17 months ago (9.17.2013)

depending on your order size, the 10% off coupon may save you more as in NY this saves 7.50 shipping charge. You cant use more than one coupon per order

Prestige Portraits Coupons



Anonymous 21 months ago (6.01.2013)

Doesnt work - get rid of this one!

Anonymous 21 months ago (5.14.2013)


Anonymous 22 months ago (4.22.2013)

doesn't work! April, 2013
Why is it still here?

Anonymous 25 months ago (1.17.2013)

Minimum order of $295

Anonymous 26 months ago (1.07.2013)

Doesn't work 1/2013

Anonymous 35 months ago (4.11.2012)

Requires 299 order



Cm 2 months ago (12.14.2014)

85.00 min

Anonymous 15 months ago (11.17.2013)

Does not work :(

Anonymous 17 months ago (10.03.2013)

worked for me X222

Anonymous 21 months ago (5.17.2013)

Expired :(

Anonymous 22 months ago (4.21.2013)

It worked for me!!!Thanks!

Anonymous 23 months ago (4.03.2013)

X222 worked for me! Thank YOU!

Anonymous 26 months ago (12.16.2012)

Requires $79 purchase

Anonymous 26 months ago (12.11.2012)

X222 worked for me! Thanks!

Anonymous 27 months ago (11.26.2012)

Use X222

Anonymous 30 months ago (9.04.2012)

Did not work 9/4/12

ew 39 months ago (11.18.2011)

I am thrilled. This actually worked; it saved me $45.



LeRoy LaBrake 8 months ago (6.05.2014)

did not work your loosing businss bcaus now I wont by Im on a Fixd Disability income I got into a motorcycle wreck and cant afford a package would just like ! picture. I can Brag about my son but cant afford it without the 15% off... Thats a shame

Anonymous 29 months ago (10.07.2012)


Anonymous 34 months ago (5.08.2012)

Did not work 5/8/12



Anonymous 20 months ago (6.17.2013)

2014 graduation picture discount. check it out

Anonymous 22 months ago (5.07.2013)

When they entered the code it actually took 20% off - a much better deal!!

Anonymous 23 months ago (3.25.2013)

this coupon isn't valid anymore

Anonymous 24 months ago (3.01.2013)


Anonymous 26 months ago (12.25.2012)

No longer valid

Anonymous 26 months ago (12.22.2012)

effective 12/22/2012 did not work

Anonymous 29 months ago (10.07.2012)


Anonymous 34 months ago (4.21.2012)


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