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Pitney-Bowes is a bit like a benevolent version of HAL, the renegade computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey. The company wants to take control of multiple aspects of businesses big and small, but it wants to do so in order to help the businesses prosper, not permanently shut them down. Pitney-Bowes was formed in the 1920's when the inventor of the first commercial postage meter, Arthur Pitney, partnered with Walter Bowes (who helped create a great company name but apparently did little else). For the rest of the century, the company continued to unveil systems that revolutionized the mailing process for businesses around the globe. Today, customers depend on Pitney-Bowes to provide them with products like postage meters, address management software, automated folding and insert systems, package management software and a host of other systems that help give their physically mailed products a professional appearance, and save time and money. Pitney-Bowes is also aware that if all the businesses in the world suddenly go bust, there won't be anyone left who needs their products. To ensure this doesn't happen, they also offer a host of services designed to support corporations of all sizes and in all locations. Customers can use their products to find their ideal site (e.g. a mining company who needed to find the perfect spot in the African Congo), get support with international shipping processes and analyze customer information.