Typical Discounts

Email Discounts

NutriSystem customers have the option of signing up via email for special slimming down tips and tricks, as well as exclusive savings. Sign up at the bottom of their homepage.

Usual Discounts & Deals

Occasionally, customers can save a certain percentage-off their purchases with a coupon code. Coupons for dollar-off deals tend to occur more frequently than percentage-off ones. Codes for free trials of NutriSystem are sometimes offered as well, giving you the opportunity to try NutriSystem without commitment.

Special Offers

NutriSystem always has at least one special offer running at a time. This offer is advertised in a banner at the top of their homepage and rotates out frequently. Past offers encouraged customers to opt into unique weight loss plans specifically designed to produce fast results.

Customers can also take advantage of the 28-day auto-delivery offer, which entitles them to seven days worth of free meals.

Creative Deal Hunting

AAA Discounts

AAA discounts are available. Members can save up to 50% on a 28-day auto-delivery order, and can even earn six WOWPoints for every dollar spent.

How Experts Save Even More

Best Sales of Year

NutriSystem is pretty consistent with savings and deals. However, customers are able to save extra money during specific times of the year, such as around New Year's and the beginning of summer, when the pressure to lose weight is at its greatest. The best coupons are available during these times of year.