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Forty years ago, Lonely Planet started with two people who braved Europe and Asia on the cheap and lived to tell about it. When Tony and Maureen Wheeler set off on the trip of a lifetime, little did they know that their trek would spawn a publishing empire. But with the publication of Across "Asia on the Cheap," Lonely Planet was born. And it has come a long way since then. The typewritten, stapled-together guides the Wheelers first produced 40 years ago have given way to guidebooks, reference and gift titles, a magazine, and digital products like mobile apps and its award-winning website. But one thing has not changed. Lonely Planet's commitment to publishing the best, most honest information about everything travel. The company offers the reader a look at the world's best places to visit, written by writers who've actually been there and gotten their hands dirty and their feet wet. In other words, you'll practically taste the onions on the dí¶ner kebap in Instanbul's Bazaar District before you ever take a bite and you'll feel the sunburn form on your nose long before you ever explore the plains of Africa. But reading about travel means more than just fantasizing about your destination before you get there. Lonely Planet gives you tips and tricks to help you make the most of your adventures. No matter what the budget. No matter where you're going. No surprises.