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Anonymous 22 months ago (12/08/2013)

DOESN'T WORK. 12.8.13

Anonymous 37 months ago (8/24/2012)

Did not work

Anonymous 38 months ago (7/25/2012)

Did not work!

Anonymous 39 months ago (7/23/2012)

Did not work for me either 7/23/12

Anonymous 40 months ago (6/18/2012)

Didn't work for me - June 18, 2012

Anonymous 40 months ago (6/13/2012)

Did not work 6/14/2012

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Expired. Why does Ultimate Coupons show expired coupons?

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LEGO's are pretty darn awesome. I can see why so many kids are completely obsessed with them, from owning thousands upon thousands of pieces to even participating in competitions. LEGO, which began creating toy bricks in its home country of Denmark in 1949, has certainly come a long way. In fact, I know several adults who enjoy making LEGO creations. Personally, I have my eye on the Milennium Falcon kit. Just give me two or three years, and I'll have a LEGO masterpiece to display for all to see. Until I trip over it and crush it, which unfortunately will inevitably happen.