Typical Discounts

Coupons & Sales

Used and refinished golf balls find a new home at Knetgolf for up to half-off their original price. From time to time, you can even find sales that save you an additional percentage or dollar-off the already reduced price. These sales are featured right on the homepage, alongside equally valuable coupons.

Enjoy Free Shipping

Free shipping is available on orders of $129 or more. This offer can be stacked with sales and coupons for additional savings.

Creative Deal Hunting

Socially Connected

“Like” them on Facebook for promotional updates and contest announcements. Similar updates can be found in their Twitter feed. They also maintain a blog, which is packed with interesting information and articles.

Refer a Friend

The Knetgolf Ambassadors program offers a $10 account credit to members that refer a friend who then completes a purchase. The referred friend will also get a discount when they place their first order.

How Experts Save Even More

Seasonal Sales

Be sure to check the website from March through April for big sales on bulk orders. Typically, sales and coupons are their best at the start of the golf season. End-of-season summer sales also yield massive savings.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Knetgolf offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your order, they will refund the entire cost within 30 days, excluding any shipping costs.